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Accelerated Landing Pages

Our ALP Process

Our landing pages have helped businesses turn billions of visitors into leads, sales, and signups. (Literally.) Absys , lets you create custom landing pages twice as fast as old-school builders.

Benefit of our SEO Services

  • Faster loading page for mobile users
    The main benefits of website pages developed with ALP is that the pages load like lightning on mobile devices – given that it was created for this purpose. This is vital as studies show that mobile users usually abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load; as such, businesses that adopt ALP could help to drive mobile abandonment rates down and increase conversions.
  • Improved search engine ranking
    Although ALP is not yet meant to be an independent ranking factor, mobile friendliness and page load speed times are well known ranking factors. As ALP greatly improves page loading times and mobile friendliness it is highly likely that a website developed with ALP will be rewarded with higher rankings than slower and unresponsive sites.
  • Increased visibility for Publishers
    Search results will clearly display AMP symbols in green. The inclusion of these symbols could see click through rates improve for these pages as search results will not only stand out more but users will start to look for ALP pages as they seek quicker loading times.
  • Support for Ads
    ALP aims to support a range of ad networks, formats and technologies. The goal is to deliver ads that are fast whilst allowing the content to look good and grab the viewer’s attention. This should help advertisers to increase their influence and improve ROI on ad spend.