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Smart Airport Solutions

Raise Alerts for events

  • ATA to Chocks on

  • VDGS & GOS Status

  • Baggage Belt & Carousel status

  • Passenger Queuing at touch points

Mobile App Integration

Allows multi-level communication with the various stakeholders simultaneously.

Real Time Situational Awareness

Event Management – Real time status and progress of raised events along with an indicative location.

High level overview

Shift wise staff availability status. Gauge the Decision making skills demonstrated by the staff on duty.

Airport Activity Management System

Efficient hands run the airport to ensure seamless and un-disrupted operations. Such efficiencies require constant monitoring which currently, given the number of areas though coveted, is still challenging. The need of the hour has been to introduce a system which would have the ability to constantly monitor the efficiencies and ensure that alerts are raised through the system for any disruptions. This would allow speedy decisions and resolution.


  • AAMS will be customized and ”Tailor- made” product specifically designed as per the requirements of MIAL

  • Combination of automation and implementation of SOP to improve efficiency

  • Audit trail will be maintained for future reference.

  • AAMS integration layer can source data from other Airport system

  • Track Airport Equipment usage & availability (PBB,APRON equipment, VDGS, etc)

  • Single System to display the collaborated data